Dealing with Receiving (part deux)

On June 16th I made an entry about dealing with receiving, how when the Universe gives, I sometimes… often times, feel the need to repay the favor. I have been working on that, and I just wanted to let you know how that is going. Receiving what is given might be one of the hardest things I have ever worked on.  I mean there is a lot of ego that goes with just accepting something that is given by this unseen force that goes about fulfilling our requests.

So I have these big plans… I mean I am a PLANNER. I am sitting on three budgets right now that take me forward a rolling year in my regular finances, a vacation budget, and my “big plans” budget. Well I totally missed a field in my Excel formula that tied a piece of my “big plan” budget to my regular budget (who do you think is financing these big plans anyway?). I realized my mistake right after I get an invoice for my big plan, and I commit to more sessions with my coach (yes I need a coach). UGH… And then what happens? Just guess. No really, take a stab at it.

My not dream job company is doing so well I get a little extra bonus!

When I found that mistake, my heart sank. I had no idea where the money was going to come from (Oh and my brakes are squeaking- le sigh), but you know what I didn’t do? Rework a damn thing. I sat back, fixed my mistake, and said “It’s all gonna work out”. And with a snap of the laptop lid, I took that step of faith, albeit small, in the direction of my dreams. BAM right there in my mailbox at work was a bright shiny e-Letter telling me exactly where the money was coming from.

And just like that I am dealing with receiving a little better today than I did yesterday, but not as good as I will tomorrow.


India 2010

India 2010


One thought on “Dealing with Receiving (part deux)

  1. Kudos to you for working your receiving muscle! 🙂 Receiving is a challenge for many women… we are so used to giving! If you think about it though, even our bodies are designed for receiving. It is our birthright!

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